Facts, evidence and honesty in politics

All election candidates have been asked by Full Fact to live up to 3 principles:

  1. Check the evidence behind claims you make before you make them
  2. Provide that evidence or point to the source
  3. Correct any mistakes you might make, in public

Please challenge me and other candidates if we don’t uphold these principles. We need more honesty in politics.

Greens propose a Carbon Chancellor

The Green Party announced this week that they would appoint a Carbon Chancellor to oversee a transition away from focusing on GDP towards achieving net-zero carbon by 2030.

The Carbon Chancellor would oversee the Green New Deal, a Carbon Budget, and the move towards a green economy.

More information can be found here:


We’re not tackling unsafe homes fast enough

This news report was in the Waltham Forest Echo this week:

This a huge concern, especially given the student accommodation fire on Friday in Bolton, which reports indicate may have been preventable if more action had been taken to correct deficiencies found in a review after Grenfell.

Why is our Government not ensuring thorough and quick action is taken to make people safer? It might not be the same cladding but there are still obvious problems that need addressing.

The people of Walthamstow need safe, secure homes, nothing less is acceptable.


I’ve signed Compassion in Politics’  #StopTheNastiness pledge, committing to campaign with respect, call out hate, and promote compassion.

UK Politics has become more toxic than ever. Female MPs in particular, have been the target of vile abuse. It should not be allowed to become normalised and an accepted part of being in the public eye.

But it starts with politicians themselves. All candidates should sign up for – and demonstrate – respectful politics. Let’s lead by example in this General Election and beyond.