The link between transport and environmental policies are self-evident, but it’s an area that can leave other parties in conflict as they try to meet all their promises.

For the Green Party, it’s far simpler. As such, this is my position on transport policies.

  • Abandon the HS2 project
  • Extend the ULEZ beyond the North and South Circular
  • Provide a generous scrappage scheme
  • Greater control of public bus services
  • Renationalisation of rail services
  • Higher taxes on plane tickets
  • Abandon attempts to expand airports like Heathrow and City Airport
  • Ensure walking and cycling is prioritised ahead of car use
  • Free bus services to encourage public transport ahead of private car use.

As an MP not all of these issues would fall within my remit, but I think the above paints a picture of how I would vote on transport matters as a Green MP.

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