Health & public services

Our NHS is being dismantled right under our noses, a process that has continued under successive Labour and Conservative Governments. Meanwhile, our police and fire services are unable to cope with cuts forced on them by austerity measures.

Funding is important, but prevention is better than cure. We need to address creeping privatisation and the factors putting increased pressure on our NHS. We would aim to reduce the obesity epidemic by encouraging active transport and crackdowns on unhealthy food and alcohol advertising. We recognise the evidence linking air pollution to a number of health complaints and deaths and would step up efforts to tackle this.

With immediate effect, we would look to restore cuts to the police service and civilian staff. As with the NHS, we would look at the use of public funds given to private firms that provide services to the police and justice sector. We would take a public health approach to serious youth violence, and recognise that the solution is not just putting more police on the streets, but also addressing wider socioeconomic issues that are playing a part.

As a Green MP I would:

  • Fight for a publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use.
  • End the creeping privatisation of the NHS and repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012.
  • Make mental health a much higher priority with resources to match this status.
  • Tackle the causes of increased pressure on our NHS
  • Crackdown on unhealthy food and alcohol advertising
  • improved mental health training in the workplace
  • A Clean Air Act fit for the 21st Century
  • Expand the NHS to include comprehensive free access to dentistry, prescriptions and mental health treatments. The costs would be more than recuperated from the wider benefits of a healthier society.
  • Treat serious youth violence and drugs as public health issues.

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