Climate & Energy

The Green Party has long recognised the importance of putting the environment at the heart of all policy-making. But we have run out of time and can no longer take baby steps in tackling the climate emergency. This is a #ClimateElection.

As a Green Party MP I would:

  • Back the Green New Deal
  • Take serious action on climate change by working with other countries to ensure global temperatures do not rise beyond 2 degrees.
  • Phase out fossil-fuel based energy generation and favour clean energy over nuclear.
  • Invest in a public programme of renewable generation, flood defences and building insulation.
  • Encourage divestment from fossil fuels
  • Keep environmental protection at the top of the Brexit agenda
  • Face up to the big 6 Energy companies
  • Take Climate chaos seriously
  • Support programmes to deliver energy-efficient homes
  • Kick fossil fuels out of politics

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