Why it’s important to vote Green in Walthamstow, in 2 charts

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1) The support for Green Party policies in Walthamstow, as taken from https://voteforpolicies.org.uk

2) But due to greens voting “tactically” in 2017 to “keep the Tories out”, the actual result looked like this, Labour remaining one of the safest in the country, with the Green vote dropping by more than half compared to the 2015 result.

And this was a situation mirrored across many other areas of the UK, resulting in an overall drop of 631,965 votes, from 1,157,630 to 525,665.

Why is this a problem?

  1. Dropping below 5% vote share in a constituency means the £500 it cost to stand is lost. Which means the local party will find it harder to continue to campaign on issues in the run up to London Assembly and local elections.
  2. For every 200 votes the Green Party gets across the country, they receive £33.33 to help with parliamentary staff costs and campaigning. That amounted to a drop of more than £105k in 2017. This is why it’s so important to keep voting Green.
  3. For people to feel Greens can win, they need to see it in the voting results. Whether it’s EU results, local, General Election or London Mayoral and Assembly results, they are always used as a metric for the next election. You can help demonstrate that Greens are well supported by keeping the Green vote higher.

The bottom line is – a vote for the Green Party is rarely a wasted vote

It gives Greens a better chance of continuing to campaign on issues that you care about, and by extension, means other parties will be under pressure to support policies that the Greens have pushed for decades, whether it’s a Green New Deal, cancelling Trident or introducing Proportional Representation.

It also means that when people look back on 2019 results, they will see stronger Green Party support that better reflects just how much support there is. People will no longer be able to say “I would vote green but they can’t win here.”

Don’t feel the need to vote tactically everywhere, Vote Green in Walthamstow on 12th December.

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