Walthamstow Residents asking about Trident

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I’ve received emails asking about my views on Trident, asking two questions in particular:

  1. If elected, would you support cancelling the replacement of Trident?
  2. If elected, would you back UK support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, abolishing all nuclear weapons internationally?

I am a supporter of CND, and against the use of Nuclear Weapons. One of the reasons I joined the Green Party was because of their position on Trident.

Trident has no relevance to today’s security threats, for example, cybersecurity. I believe UK security will come from global humanitarian acts rather than being a nuclear power. This is a view shared by a number of former foreign secretaries and retired naval officers.

By cancelling Trident, this would free up enormous sums of money to be spent elsewhere.

The Greens have pledged to scrap Trident and spend its £3.6bn per year running costs on the NHS. Responding to a projected increase of £575.5 million in commissioning of Trident nuclear weapons Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said, “The spiralling cost of nuclear should be the final nail in the Trident coffin. It is unacceptable that the Government is set to spend an estimated £575.5 million more on nuclear weapons it will never use, while inflicting cuts on an NHS and public services already in crisis. The fact the Government cannot deliver these weapons on time or in budget reveals the lie behind its claims to be economically competent. It’s time Trident was scrapped for good.”

The Green Party has long-standing ties to the anti-nuclear movement. Greens have always campaigned against all nuclear weapons and continues to call for a Nuclear Ban Treaty to stop them being used, deployed, produced or owned by anyone.

As Greens committed to a nuclear-free world we call on other Parties to give up its commitment to maintaining the Trident missile system an outrageously expensive and dangerous cold-war relic. 

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