This is why UK politics needs democratic reform

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Somebody pointed out to me this week that when you search for certain things on Google, the first things that show up are questionable.

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If you’re not sure what I mean – it’s the adverts, right at the top of the screen that rival parties have paid for. I tend to ignore the adverts because I’m used to them as part of my day job, but I know many people don’t and will click on them. That’s why advertising is so powerful and an unfair advantage to bigger political parties who can afford to make use of it.

The problem is, they aren’t even about their policies or positive reasons for voting for their own party. The messages are re-iterating the age-old rhetoric, vote X, get Y. Politics of fear. Combative, competitive politics, rather than collaborative. All caused by the First-Past-The-Post UK political system, where the winner takes all. The winner gets to decide the issues and the solutions to them, squeezing out everyone else.

How do we stop this pathetic situation? We need greater regulation on political advertising, but there’s more we can do. You can push your local candidates (and MPs once elected) to back democratic reform and proportional representation to break this cycle.

Find out more at the Electoral Reform Society and Make Votes Matter.

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