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I am the Green Party candidate for Walthamstow in the upcoming general election on Thursday 12th December. I’m proud to stand for a party that says YES to Europe and NO to climate chaos.

Environmental concerns are at an all-time high, with Extinction Rebellion leading the way in raising awareness, but voting is just as important as protesting.

We’re still seeing an unwillingness from political circles to actually do anything except utter empty platitudes, declaring climate emergencies while simultaneously backing airport expansion, fracking, tree-culling, new incinerators and more.

A Green vote shows we are giving climate chaos the attention it demands and ensures that those in power follow up their declarations of a climate emergency with real actions that put the environment at the heart of ALL policy-making.

The Greens are the only party that publicly states their vision of the future, not just environmentally, but economically and socially. It’s this bold long-term planning that demonstrates our ability to exert true leadership in a political world dominated by short-term thinking. It’s about time other parties caught up.


Climate & Energy

The Green Party has long recognised the importance of putting the environment at the heart of all policy-making. But we have run out of time and can no longer take baby steps in tackling the climate emergency. This is a #ClimateElection.

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I voted to remain and reform, and still believe it’s possible. I back a People’s vote, but we need to address the reasons why people voted to leave.

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Health & public services

Our NHS is being dismantled right under our noses, a process that has continued under successive Labour and Conservative Governments. Meanwhile, our police and fire services are unable to cope with cuts forced on them by austerity measures.

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As someone who lived in social housing as a child, and now rents privately, I'm very much aware of both the importance of social housing and the pressure on generation rent. I would do everything in my power to rebalance our housing needs.

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I believe that an educated society benefits us all. Failure to provide enough funding for education will store up problems for the UK in the future. But it's not just about the funding, the education system itself needs reviewing.

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Jobs & Economy

Our economy does not work for many people on In-work benefits and poverty pay. We also have to acknowledge that endless economic growth is not sustainable, and automation will continue to have a major impact on job security.

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The link between transport and environmental policies are self-evident, but it's an area that can leave other parties in conflict as they try to meet all their promises.

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Peace & Defence

I'm a supporter of CAAT (Campaign Against the Arms Trade) and CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) and believe that peace will be achieved not through a show of strength, but through equality and social justice.

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UK politics is a pathetic state right now, gamesmanship between our main parties has brought us to a standstill, and many people are still angry that their voices go unheard.

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